10 Jul 2012

Anabelle’s been asking to ride a purple rollercoaster for weeks – which seemed weird on several levels: 1. How does she even know what a rollercoaster is? 2. She’s a total scaredy cat – there’s no way she’d actually get on a rollercoaster. 3. Where am I supposed to find a purple rollercoaster?


I pretty much brushed the whole thing off until a friend called last week and suggested a day at Remlinger Farms. I had never heard of the place and assumed we were talking about a day of berry picking and hayrides but it’s actually more like a little kid amusement park with a farm-living slant. There’s a country store with pickles and jams and homemade soaps and a small petting zoo but otherwise, it’s all carnival rides, train rides, pony rides and hay jumps. And a rollercoaster – a rollercoaster made for three year olds.


It was silver – not purple – but other than that, I think it lived up to and exceeded all her expectations. There was a moment in the line where the tin shanty we were standing in waiting shook violently as the coaster rolled by and I saw that look of terror in her eyes and thought there was no way she was going to get on board, but then she mastered her fear and climbed on in. And it was amazing! She “whoo-hoo’ed” and was daring enough to lift one of her arms and it may have been my most-fun-up-till-now-mom-moment-ever.


From there we moved on to some flying pumpkin buckets that were very Disney World Dumboesque and a swinging carousel. The day also included a train ride and a pony ride, where again I wasn’t sure at first that she’d be up for getting on alone, but she jumped right on and started yelling “giddyup” before the handler led her out of the stall.


I think we’re entering another fun stage. She gets so excited about such silly things (like moon bounces) and it is so much fun to watch and I’m really enjoying getting to be a part of it. The flip side, of course, is that she also gets so upset about such silly things (like getting out of moon bounces) and it is so not fun to watch and sometimes I just want to walk away (and maybe sometimes I do).


  • Mallory - July 10, 2012

    So fun!

  • Mom - July 10, 2012

    Oh what fun!

  • Christine - July 10, 2012

    Truman likes being a little scared these days too. He watches the Disney version of Peter and the Wolf practically every day, and he went to Brave with me last week and loved it.

  • melissa - July 11, 2012

    Fun! Anabelle likes to talk about things being scary – I think she’s a little into it, too!

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