07 May 2013

Some crazy version of spring with 80° heat and everyone outside in bikinis has descended upon Seattle so I’m declaring it officially time to say good-bye to winter and that whole pregnancy thing. The child-growing-inside-me-incident knocked me out of all the advantages of living in the Pacific Northwest during the rainy season – specifically, winter sports. Pregnant women sledding, skiing and ice skating are not looked upon favorably by other participants or bystanders and I kind of figured that even if I did manage to expunge my body of its temporary tenant before the snow melted in the mountains, there was no way the wideness that was my pregnant ass was going to fit into my ski pants.


Anabelle, however, finally reached that almost optimal winter sport fun age where the joy of speed and snow mostly outweigh the pain involved in being cold. With the exception of the occasional finger freeze or snowball in the face, she took to all the winter fun like a champ. Henric was also tips down into the snow season participating in a weekly downhill ski team through his work and enjoying in the occasional “board” meeting on the mountain with his colleagues.


I did eventually get to get into the action a little bit. Jannik made his arrival on February 7th and when my parents came to visit three weeks later, I felt like I felt great enough to give the slopes a good run myself. Much to my surprise, the initial baby-falling-out-weight-dump was enough to allow me to slide my ski pants up, just not enough to let me zip or button them. No matter, the sun was shining and I felt good and, who’s really checking out a 30-something, mother-of-two busting out of her ski pants and unable to zip up her jacket? Apparently someone. Three guys told me they liked my sunglasses. Eat that, 47 pounds of root beer float on my backside.


I made it up the mountain and had some nice slow runs before I took a small tumble and was awkwardly reminded by my lady parts that I had had a baby just three weeks earlier and maybe wasn’t supposed to be plummeting down a mountain on six foot long sticks.

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  • Mom - August 28, 2013

    You go girl!! At least you tried!

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