26 Jun 2013

In Jannik’s first four months of life, we spent 44 days out of town. That’s an average of 11 days per month. He has been to Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Iowa, Germany and the Olympic Peninsula. Were he not flying for free, he would have already accumulated 20,218 frequent flyer miles and a gold medal in carseat riding.


Jannik kicked off his globe trotting adventures with a trip to Oklahoma and Texas for my Grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary celebration at five weeks old. This was also the inauguration of my spring odyssey of traveling alone with two children. The first trip I had a backpack, two rollers and a stroller as carry-ons with three hour connections. By our final adventure I was down to just a backpack and the ergo and had braved a 45 minute connection.


Traveling with a five week old gives people in airports the opportunity to show how bad they are at filtering their opinions through their facial expressions. After receiving a stern non-verbal talking-to of disapproving glances and whispers from an elderly woman who asked how old my baby was, I began lying and telling people he was two months old. Certain traveling fathers paying for a seat for their one-year-old because everyone knows it’s not safe to fly with a lap child, still felt this was too young to be out amongst the germs of the world. I took the high road and did not tell him that in the event of a fire on the plane, he and his child would probably die while wrestling with their five-point-safety belt while my kids and I would be gliding down the evacuation slide.


We returned toSeattlefor two weeks before setting out for 16 days in Germany. Nine weeks and four-years-old are by far the best ages to travel with children. The baby slept and Anabelle was finally at the age that she understands the concept of having to go to bed and is totally susceptible to the effects of Benadryl.


We came home for three weeks and then the kids and I headed back to Oklahoma for a family reunion inIowa one weekend and another on Lake Texoma the next. We met my sister on the way up to Iowa and piled the older kids in a car with my parents and the dvd player while us girls traveled virtually whine-free with the baby in the other car. Somewhere on the way back from Germany, Jannik went from sleeping seven hours a night to waking up every two, demanding attention in the form of liquid nutrition. Unfortunately the cohabitation of this trip further fed Jannik’s night-nursing addiction and kicked our sleep training routine back another month.


I have a sneaking suspicion that all these travels may have contributed to the feeling of out-of-control spinning the last four months have had. Going 8 ½ weeks without sleeping for more than two hours at a time may have further fueled this downward spiral. With summer now rearing its gorgeous, sunny head in Seattle, we have called upon the name of the almighty Dr. Ferber to anoint our home in deep slumber and dreamy bliss and declared a moratorium on movement for June, July and August. The doors are open and beds are made for a gauntlet of planned guests but our bags are not packed and the suitcases are staying closed for at least the next ninety days – except of course for trips every weekend this month and my itchy booking finger that keeps checking plane ticket prices for the fall.


  • EILEEN DUITSCHER - June 26, 2013

    Enjoyed all the pictures and notes. Sounds like you will be busy entertaining this summer..Have fun and enjoy…..know you will.. thanks again for taking care of us too.

  • Mallory - June 27, 2013

    Way to rock the traveling! I think sometimes it is better for people to just keep traveling opinions to themselves.

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